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Søren Peterson

International educator, applied anthropologist, cultural geographer

Søren is a bilingual international educator, applied anthropologist, and cultural geographer with regional expertise in Latin America and the Caribbean. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in geography, with minors in Latin American and Scandinavian studies, from Augustana College (Illinois) and a Master of Arts in anthropology from the University of Denver. At the undergraduate level, he studied abroad twice on faculty-led programs—first on a quarter-length exploration of five Latin American countries (Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile), and a second time on an intensive summer Spanish program in Ecuador. In addition, he also completed an internship at a regional development agency in southern Ecuador. At the master’s level, he used the anthropology of tourism and acculturation as theoretical frameworks for conducting ethnographic research on the sociocultural and economic impacts of education abroad programs on host families in Cuenca, Ecuador.